Donor Impact

You make it possible for us to support and grow programs in our community to provide vital services to those in need. Take a look at these examples of how your dollars were put to use last year.

Because of YOU and your support:

  • The Mobile Coach team engaged in nearly 5,000 visits last year serving patients with barriers to accessing necessary medical and behavior healthcare.
  • Franklinton and other community residents benefit from health and wellness programs at the Community Health Resource Center, which served 12,000 people in its first 18 months.
  • The Hospice Linen Program provides bed linens to 1,350 families annually for end-of-life care in home.
  • Over 120 College of Nursing students and Graduate Medical Education residents served on international mission trips to provide medical care to underserved populations over the past 3 years.
  • Our Cancer Survivorship programming has increased the number of patients served to over 4,500 annually due to the absorption of the Zangmeister Center Haven of Hope.
  • Last year scholarships totaling $310,500 were awarded to 99 College of Nursing students to assist them on their way to becoming future healthcare providers.
  • Moms2Be, Welcome Home and Outpatient Breastfeeding Programs help combat infant mortality by supporting new moms and babies. Today, 90% of moms who deliver at Mount Carmel leave the hospital breastfeeding their babies.
  • Mount Carmel's Welcome Home program completes nearly 1,300 home visits on an annual basis to new moms and babies.
  • Mount Carmel's Outpatient Breastfeeding Program currently serves nearly 6,000 women and babies on an annual basis. One in four patients seen for private consultations through this program has delivered at a hospital outside the Mount Carmel Health System.
  • Catholic priests are available to Chaplaincy Services to preside over Catholic masses and services for patients, visitors, and employees throughout the Mount Carmel Health System.
  • Mount Carmel has canine dogs at the hospitals to provide an extra element of safety to our patients, families and visitors.