CTAP Testimonials

My experience with CTAP has been extraordinarily beneficial. Not only has my therapist helped improve my symptoms (like nightmares), she has helped me understand how to improve future experiences. I highly recommend this program to anyone!

I never knew something like this [program] existed before and I am so glad it does. It helped me in so many ways – helped to better my life and I am so thankful for it.

This has been a wonderful experience. I was able to work through the issues regarding my assault and I feel equipped to deal with anything that comes my way.

As a social worker and the mother of children receiving counseling and EMDR services, I thought I knew what to expect. I was amazed, however, at the incredible and comprehensive services I received. The staff was great, my counselor, was the best and I was able to obtain money through Ohio Victims Compensation Fund as a result of this help. Highly recommend this to anyone.

EMDR! And the group sessions. It has been extraordinary. Keep being here. We need more places like this in the world. Thank you so much – I have experienced so much healing. You all are amazing, esp. Tammy!!!

I appreciate everything that has been given to me in such a positive proactive manner with kindness, respect, dignity and a feeling of being worthy provided to me. Thank you.

My therapist was very helpful and receptive. She offered a lot of useful information to help me better understand and cope with my experience, and she offered information about additional resources in the community that could benefit me.