Mount Carmel Mobile Medical Coach

The Mount Carmel Foundation helps to fund the Mount Carmel Mobile Medical Coach.For more than 25 years, the Mount Carmel Community Outreach Mobile Coach Program has been providing free basic medical care to central Ohioans in need. From the underserved to the homeless, those with limited access to quality health care can come to a safe, convenient site near where they live to get checkups, receive needed vaccinations, get urgent healthcare, receive mental health counseling, and obtain referrals to community health programs.

The centerpiece of the program is a 40-foot mobile medical coach that visits nine sites in central Ohio on a rotating schedule. Inside this urgent care center on wheels are a family practice physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, medical technicians, bilingual case workers and administrators who provide the care and support these patients need most.

The Mobile Coach Program is a vital part of Franklin County's healthcare safety net, providing free quality care to 4,100 uninsured and underinsured patients last year alone. That not only improves the health of the communities we serve, but also frees our already busy emergency departments to provide the kind of care they're designed for.

To learn more about the Mount Carmel Mobile Coach, contact:

Ladonya Brady RN BSN
Mount Carmel Outreach Clinical Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.