Mount Carmel Street Medicine Program

Of the dozens or perhaps hundreds of central Ohioans living "on the land," few have access to regular medical care. That growing need led to the creation of the Street Medicine program, an extension of Mount Carmel Community Outreach.

This Street Medicine team is comprised of a Registered Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, physician or Nurse Practitioner, and a homeless patient advocate. Together they go out weekly to search for individuals in homeless camps and provide them with immediate on-site treatment, education, resources and referrals.

With so many barriers to healthcare, most of those "living on the land" do not seek medical attention until a situation escalates and requires emergency care and/or hospitalization. By reaching patients where they are, the Street Medicine team is able to treat symptoms before they become more serious and provide that care at a much lower cost to the community.

All Street Medicine services are free, and if prescription medications are required, every attempt is made to give patients free or reduced-cost medications. The award-winning program also provides referrals for continued medical care, mental health services, dental and specialty care, and community resources.

To learn more about the Mount Carmel Street Medicine program, contact:

Kristina Kowatsch-Beyer

Mount Carmel Mobile Medical Coach Manager

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