Because of You

Patient Testimonials

Dear Foundation Members:

I am writing this letter to make a donation to the Guardian Angel Wings program. The employee I would like to recognize is Terry Anders, Oncology Nurse Navigator at Mount Carmel East. I would like my donation to go towards the Colon Health Program at Mount Carmel East.

When my husband was admitted to your hospital, he had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. When Ms. Anders walked through his door and said “is there anything I can help you with,” I just knew God had sent me an angel. Terry helped us, specifically me; navigate our way through all the events that were to follow, including chemo and all of the ugly things that came along with that. There were days when I needed to talk to someone who understood what I was going through and that person was Terry. She said I could call her anytime, even if it was just to cry, which I did several times. She has offered valuable support to me since that initial visit and including when my husband recently passed away. The assistance she provided to me during this entire time was above and beyond the “normal” call of duty.

I truly believe Terry was, and still is, my husband’s Guardian Angel. So this small donation I am making is the least I can do to thank her. While I know you have many caring employees, I have to say it has been a long time since I have met someone who loves their job and truly cares about the people she is providing valuable assistance to during such a terrible time in their lives.

A Grateful Patient

My mother was a RN, and then a nursing professor at the Central Ohio Technical College for 35 years, after which she continued as an adjunct professor. Nursing and education were very important to her and any time she or my father were being cared for she took a very active role in that care.

My mother had a difficult cancer surgery and went to the ICU afterwards. Alicia was her attending ICU nurse during much of the initial week she was in ICU and still conscious. Alicia was always very courteous, thoughtful, and professional and she made a big impression on my Mom. Mom commented many times how great she thought Alicia was, how she had very good ideas for her treatment, and how she trusted her recommendations. For my Mom to speak about her like that so much is telling of what a wonderful job she did because Mom didn't hand out comments like that unless they were really earned. Alicia was also really kind to my Dad who visited Mom every day. She kept an eye on both of them making sure all their needs were met at all times.

Unfortunately, my Mom developed ARDS and her condition deteriorated. Towards the end she was in a coma and on a respirator and needed even more care. Carly was her attending ICU nurse much of the time there at the end. She too was wonderful, making sure my Dad knew everything that was going on and ensuring that my Mom got all the treatments and care possible. She was extremely kind, attentive, and professional. Those last weeks were extremely difficult for my family, especially my Mom and Dad. Carly made sure everything possible was being done and helped us through those awful final days. It was a terribly painful time for us, but she made it comforting as possible.

My family is truly thankful for the kindness shown to all of us from the entire ICU team, especially Alicia and Carly who did so very much. Thank you!

Mr. Thomas Simpson

The kind, compassionate care of this amazing hospital staff was a blessing to me earlier this summer during a devastating time in my life. From the moment my husband entered St. Ann’s Emergency room on Memorial Day until his death on the Palliative Care floor on June 9th, I was comforted knowing he received incomparable medical and spiritual care. It began with a Chaplain who calmed me that first frightening morning, to others who checked in with me as I sat by his bed for days, and to still another who prayed with us the final evening as Steve passed away.

The nurses, technicians, and doctors took time to introduce themselves and explain to me everything that was taking place in the busy ICU. Even though, he was never really aware, Steve was treated with great respect, as if he were a big brother or a longtime friend in need of their care. Everyone spoke to him by name and made me feel welcome beside him both day and night. With each smile and hug, I felt reassured that he was receiving the best possible medical care in the best hospital around.

Colossians 3:12 states, “God’s chosen people are dearly loved and clothed in compassion, kindness, gentleness, and patience." I know this to be true of the Guardian Angels Steve and I encountered at St. Ann’s.

Mrs. Nancy Wharton

On November 28, I was out marketing for work. As the day progressed, a headache became a migraine, which went downhill rapidly. By 2 p.m., I couldn’t see well, the pain was making me feel short of breath and very shaky. I wanted to go home, but the short of breath feeling scared me enough to stop by Mount Carmel East.

But, parking was a challenge. I tried to park in the ED parking lot, but it was full. I finally gave up and went to the valet. I just needed to hand the keys to someone and get to the emergency room. I pulled up to the valet, and Paul, the attendant greeted me. He saw I was in very poor condition, and offered to drive me to the emergency department’s door. I realize this was only 100 feet away, but at this point, 100 feet like 100 miles. He dropped me off and wished me luck.

After my visit, I was delighted to see he was still there. He remembered me. He asked if I was okay. He got my car and my family drove me home.

I was so moved by his kind gesture that I wanted to reward him. This is why I donated to the Guardian Angels program in his honor. His job is to park cars. He could have taken my keys, given me a ticket and I would have walked to the ED. Instead, he went above and beyond and cared. He didn’t know at the time I was a colleague. That’s what made it even more special – he takes care of our patients and families. He’s the first thing they see when they reach our doors.

Thank you, Paul. On Monday, November 28, you were my Guardian Angel.

I had very special nurses taking care of me during my 10-day stay who always seemed to know when I needed something. Nadira, Natalya and Taylor came right away if I pressed my call button and didn’t leave until I was comfortable and had everything I needed. It made my 10-day stay a little more delightful – the nurses are in a league of their own!

Tom and Barbara Jones

Due to severe bleeding in and on the brain, many assumed Richard T. (Dick) Day would not survive and if he did, he would have had severe dementia and unable to feed and dress himself. Stacie never took the attitude that Dick would not survive, instead, she provided him with the best care for the best possible chance of living. She was our Guardian Angel on 8 North. Sadly, we lost Dick on 7/8/16. Stacie kindly wrote a message on the Schoedinger Memorial page.

Thank you and we love you, Stacie!

Sandra Bradshaw

Kim spent several hours, including her own personal time, working with the V.A. to navigate through all the “red tape” to get my procedure set up and done.

She is a very compassionate and caring person and you are very fortunate to have her on your team.

Thanks, Kim!

Mr. Bill Fulk

Birike was very helpful to provide for our needs. She was very polite and smiled to cheer us. Whenever my husband would push the button for help, Birike was there in a timely fashion. Birike is trying very hard to do her job well!

Doris and Frank Laughlin

Kathy Schad sets the bar for all nurses. I cannot even begin to describe the care that Kathy provided to my daughter, Kerri. Her professionalism, empathy, and understanding along with her dedication and commitment were outstanding. My entire family has nothing but the utmost respect for her. Thanks to Kathy, we were able to let my daughter gain her Angel wings peacefully. All nurses should look to Kathy as a shining example of how not only a nurse, but a caregiver, should be.

Thank you, Kathy!
The Swain Family

I do not think any words could possibly be adequate to express my feelings of gratitude for Sandra. Sandra came to support me even after her official job was done. I don’t know how I would have made it through those critical first hours without her. Her sensitivity and professionalism are truly exceptional.

I will always have her in my heart as I will be forever grateful for her love and support during one of the most challenging times in my life. Please ensure Sandra receives the accolades she deserves and a Guardian Angel pin to commemorate my brother’s support during his hospitalization and passing at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital.

Amy E.

I would like to recognize two wonderful employees for the Guardian Angels Award. My father was a patient on the Neuroscience unit on the 5th floor. My father’s dementia is progressing day by day and is becoming increasing difficult to care for. During this stay I was particularly impressed and inspired by the care that was provided by two nurses’ aides, Robert and Sarah. They both cared for my father with such patience and treated him with so much dignity. While everyone was nice, I was touched by how compassionate they were. My family and I cannot express our gratitude for care that Robert, Sarah and the entire staff of the 5th floor provided for our father. I would like to give the Guardian Angels award to Robert and Sarah to recognize them and to hopefully inspire others to provide exceptional care.

Anonymous Donor

Whitney did a fantastic job handling a somewhat stressful situation. Our little "Miss Tillie" decided to make a sudden delivery on her own. The physician was not present and Whitney not only stepped up to the plate, but she handled the delivery with confidence, ease and expertise. She is such a fantastic nurse and we feel so blessed that she was part of our ever-so-special and perfect day!

Nicole, Jake, Tillie and big brother Henry