Meals and Showers Provided for the Homeless

This summer and fall, The Mount Carmel Foundation, with support from Mount Carmel Outreach, Roxane Laboratories, Inc., and Matthew 25:35 Ministry, supported five MASH (Meals and Showers for the Homeless) Resource Days for the community.

Meals and showers are basic needs that many people take for granted. In order to meet these needs underserved community members, Mobile Shower Units were rented so that individuals had access to hot showers. Volunteers also provided free clothing, haircuts, food, personal hygiene items and bug repellant bracelets.

With the support of more than 150 volunteers, over the course of the five scheduled days, more than 1,300 homeless and underserved individuals participated. One of these individuals, Russell Calabrese, currently lives in a tent with his girlfriend and dog, Whiskers. "This is a blessing," he said.

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