Roxane Laboratories Builds Unique Foundation Partnership

Roxane Laboratories, Inc. began making its mark on the central Ohio community when it launched operations in 1885. The research and development, sales and marketing arm of Boehringer Ingelheim’s multisource pharmaceutical business, Roxane is now making its mark on Mount Carmel patients and community members through a unique partnership with the Mount Carmel Foundation.

In August 2015, Roxane contributed a generous gift to the Mount Carmel Foundation to support three areas: Palliative Care, Outreach and MASH (Meals And Showers for the Homeless) Resource Days. According to Keri Butler, Public Affairs & Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Inc. and Roxane LaboratoriesInc., the decision to support these programs was based on a desire to build a relationship “with a partner we respected. Mount Carmel has an excellent reputation in the community and Roxane seeks out community programs and services that directly benefit people’s lives in the places where we live and work. These programs spoke to Roxane’s mission and our employees’ passion.”

Mount Carmel Palliative Care has been providing pain and symptom management for patients with advanced illness since 1997, when we became one of the first in the U.S. to offer hospital-based palliative care. Mount Carmel’s expert, interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, chaplains and other specially trained staff works with patients and their families to provide assistance and counsel on the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of serious illness.

Roxane’s donation will support Palliative Care by providing a wide range of resources for healthcare professionals, patients and their families. Specifically, two educational sessions will be offered this year for physicians and advance nurse practitioners with topics including specific guidelines on pain management and new Ohio drug rules, and bestpractice training on how to deliver prognosis information to patients and their family members. Funding will also provide comfortable, home-like furnishings for patient areas.

Mount Carmel Outreach has been providing for the needs of the underserved in central Ohio from the very beginning, when the Sisters of the Holy Cross founded Mount Carmel. By extending Mount Carmel’s reach into the community and providing free health services to those in need, over 40,000 central Ohioans receive care and hope every year. Among the services provided are physical exams, diagnoses and treatments, health assessments and screenings, health education, referrals and social service assistance.

To reach some of the more vulnerable populations in our community, the Mobile Medical Coach and Street Medicine programs travel to homeless camps, shelters, community centers and other places to find those who need urgent medical services for their physical or mental well-being. Traveling to meet the needs of these individuals can be challenging, and Roxane’s partnership will help support the purchase of a new off-road vehicle for reaching those in need.

At the MASH (Meals And Showers for the Homeless) Resource Days held in August and September of last year, 1,307 homeless and underserved participants received 3,456 articles of gently used clothing, while Mount Carmel Outreach provided medical care and resources to 83 patients.

For many who are homeless or underserved, access to a warm shower, clean clothes and a haircut is a dream. Hot summer days pose a particular challenge because few respites from the heat can be found. The MASH Resource Days provided these individuals with relief that may seem basic to some, but is far from it for many. One participant shared that after taking a shower and receiving basic personal care items, he felt confident to take on his upcoming job interview. Another participant felt so touched by the experience that he is now volunteering his time to help fellow homeless and underserved community members.

Roxane’s partnership contributed showers, personal care items and snacks for participants. Over the course of the five MASH Resource Days, 177 volunteers contributed over 943 hours. Of the 177 volunteers, five were Roxane employees. These employees dedicated their day to this endeavor by greeting participants and providing them with clothing and personal hygiene items.

“We believe that as corporate citizens in the greater Columbus area, we have a responsibility to give back to the community and support good works with both our financial and time resources,” said Butler. “Our employees’ desire to volunteer their time is a reflection of our commitment to the community we all call home.”

Due to the great success of the MASH Resource Days, discussions are underway to thoughtfully consider how to continue these events in the future. “Roxane is a caring and committed corporate partner,” said Deanna Stewart, President of the Mount Carmel Foundation. ”We look forward to growing our partnership so that together we can impact the lives of even more of our friends, family and neighbors.”