Because of You

A Q&A With Mount Carmel CEO Ed Lamb

We recently sat down with new Mount Carmel President and CEO Ed Lamb to learn a little more about his background and hear his thoughts on the future of healthcare and philanthropy. Here’s a portion of that enlightening conversation.

Q: What brought you to Mount Carmel?
A: I’d been working for a great hospital system, running their western division for about five years. I was having a great time, really enjoying what I was doing. I was sitting in my office in Salt Lake City, pondering the future, when I considered that I’d never worked for a faith-based organization even though I’d always wanted to. The opportunity to come to Mount Carmel wasn’t something I was reaching out for necessarily, but it came at the right time. I spoke to my wife about it and it felt right. It was a great decision and it’s been a wonderful experience in every respect.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your vision for our healthcare system.
A: My vision is pretty simple: I want to take our great organization and make it even better. And that starts with our people. I want to help our people rise to their highest level of potential. I’ve been reaching out and connecting with colleagues since I arrived and have been so encouraged and energized by their commitment and enthusiasm. I’m encouraging everyone not to think in terms of “that’s the way we’ve always done it,” but to be innovative, vocal and accountable. As I’ve said many times, I don’t care about being the biggest, but I do care about being the very best at what we do.

Q: You’ve recently rolled out your strategic plan for the system. How and where does the Foundation fit into that plan?
A: Our strategic plan focuses on people-centered care, engaged colleagues, operational excellence, leadership and stewardship. The Mount Carmel Foundation is integral to every one of those areas of focus. As I’ve come to learn in my short time with our health system, the Foundation is an incredible force for good behind so many of the things we’re able to do for our patients, our colleagues and the greater Columbus community.

Q: Philanthropy obviously plays a very big role in our system. What role do you see it playing in healthcare going forward?
A: Unlike so many of the things you read and hear about healthcare these days, I’m incredibly positive about our industry and the leadership and innovation we’re seeing. A great deal of that is driven by the generous philanthropic commitment of people who want to see that continue. The Mount Carmel Foundation is an ideal vehicle for people who want to make a difference and leave a legacy in our community. We are putting their generosity to work through dozens of mission-driven programs and services that support our patients and their families, serve the underserved, fund innovative facilities and technologies, provide access to nursing education and so much more. Philanthropy is as essential to the future of healthcare as just about anything else.

This article was originally published in the Fall 2017 Inspire Newsletter.