PrescriptionEase Testimonials

For several years we had to drain our savings to pay for prescriptions as the meds were costing between 600-900 each month. With no insurance and pre-existing heart issues, this would have been a never-ending problem for us especially with us nearing retirement with limited finances. After Dr. Van Fossen moved his practice to St. Ann's, Mount Carmel told us they offer assistance with medications. We were thinking any help would be great at this point. After working with Alicia, we were absolutely overwhelmed to find out that several, in fact, most of our meds would be sent to us FREE. This was unbelievable! If we had not heard about or been able to participate in this program we would have had to just stop buying the medication. Stopping altogether could have had a potentially serious outcome. This program has enabled us to live a normal life and not worry about which meds we can or can't afford. - Garold, red’d 9/18/14

I am so thankful to Mount Carmel Foundation for funding this program. Without it, I could not get the medications I need for my heart. I am grateful to the staff at Mount Carmel for letting me know about this program, helping me to apply for it and working with my doctor to get the medications I need. Thank you Mount Carmel and Staff - Sharon, rec’d 8/10/11

Well ladies…won’t be long now and our association will be over. I will soon be 65 years of age, and I will have Medicare. I’m grateful for the insurance, but I will miss being connected to the PrescriptionEase program and you two ladies.

I want to thank you so much for all you have done for me over the years I have known you. Your love for helping people in need shines through. You have never made me feel needy in a way that was degrading. I will really miss talking to you on the phone and the little presents at Christmas. I use the pill box and pen everyday. God bless you both. I will pray for both of you and all the people you help. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Again, thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
Love, hugs, and prayers, Doris
Rec’d: 08/31/11

From Capitol City Cardiology:
The PrescriptionEase Program has been a great asset to our patients. We have numerous patients who are enrolled in this program, and they are so thankful each time they come into the office to pick up medications. This program is a MUST for our practice and we are glad to be affiliated with PrescriptionEase. G. Colby, LPN Rec’d: 09/26/11

You’ve both have been a God-send to me. I really appreciate all of the assistance that you’ve rendered unto me. You’re both kind and careful in speaking to me, when I call you. Thank you for all of your help. –D. A, rec’d 5/6/11

With the price of rent, electric, food and my other pills, I would never make it every month without Mount Carmel’s help. I thank Mount Carmel with all my heart.- Robert, rec’d 4/26/11

Without your very kind help & the program, I would have been forced to drop most of my meds! After two years of unemployment there wasn’t much else to do. So thank you all so very much for your professionalism and kindness, you most certainly saved my life. –Ken, rec’d 10/8/10